How to solve the error 0 × 80040609 on Windows Live Essential

All the people know that Windows Live Messenger grow and improve every day, this makes for us to the task easy because we can help you, for example in solving problems and in give us news and new elements.

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Unfortunately, one of the bad new for many of our users, is this: a mistake on your MSN, this is the error 0 × 80040609.

What does mean this mistake?

Well we can look this mistakes and also is common on the PC that have Windows Vista in the 64-bit versions, the people who have this program could see this message appears again and again.

The solution is not easy but we try to explain it.

First of all you must to remove all the registry entry related to the database of Windows Installer, for do this task you can use a tool provided by Microsoft, it is called Windows Installer Clean Up Utility, with which we can delete entries very easy, you can only enter any parameter, such as Windows Live Essentials 2011.

We started the registry cleaner and after that we will select one by one the applications that have Windows Live Essentials, and then click on the option or button Remove, please don’t forget restart your computer for the changes to take effect, it is very important.

After that you must to reinstall Windows Live Essentials package, but in this time make sure to log in to the official website of Microsoft and then please choose the correct option, when we ask we select our version of the system we have to put 64 bits.

If you don’t know about you operating system if  it is 32 or 64 bits you must to press in the same time the Windows key + Pause Enter, this option will show us the System Properties windows, and here we can look all the information and parameters of the PC like memory, processor and architecture.

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