How to setup hotmail on a Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 is a powerful smartphone that allows us to enjoy various multimedia and communication services, such as being able to configure POP3 accounts, ie, to have full control of email, such as hotmail.

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Microsoft has enabled you can set up these accounts in any electronic device, so now we have both hotmail on a PC as on your smartphone.

Let’s see what are the steps to set up hotmail on a Nokia N95

In the PC

Began login via

Come to Options and change the country or region put the United States
State: Florida
Postal Code: 33101
Time Zone: Eastern Time (EST)
Save the changes and close the session hotmail.
The Nokia N95
New Mailbox
We will post signs and
Mailbox type: pop3
Email address:
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Access point in use: personal wap (here’s the type of Internet connection you have)
Mailbox Name: Hotmail
Click Finish

Not quite finished, but now we must configure the access set ourselves.
For that we open the mailbox we created Hotmail and go to the options menu, there select Connection Settings, then email, we will post the following:
Place a password
Incoming mail server:
Access point in use: personal wap
Port Security: SSL / TSL
Port: 995
APOP secure login: off

That was the setting for the incoming server, now configure the outgoing server, the values are:
Email address:
Username: Dud
Password: your hotmail password
Outgoing mail server:

Access point in use: personal wap
Port Security: STARTTLS
Port: 587

Ready, seem several steps but in reality is not so much what happens is that it can be a little more streamlined than we are used to first configure our hotmail account that allows you to enable pop3 in a cell for that if do not live in America must change the region.

Then follow the steps to add a new account, the configuration of incoming and outgoing server is done individually so it seems that the process is long, but not so well.

If all went well and are enjoying have hotmail email on your Nokia N95 the best of all, you can enter as long as your mail will be there.

For any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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