How to send a pre designer image in Hotmail

Hotmail will change to improve her interface design, Send pre designed pictures from Hotmail

In this days  Hotmail make a lot of change for improve his service, because a lot of users need news app in the e mail form hotmail, this news services and new tools make you feel much more friendly with our Hotmail e mail.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:

The most important features that hotmail make for you is the integration of clip art to messages, this service allow you send a good picture, because  “it is more better than worth a thousand words” for you is much easier to explain something with an image before do it with words.

In the following step we explain how to use this new service in your Hotmail email then we will leave you the steps.

* In the first step you must enter your Hotmail account
* Then Go to your inbox
* After that you must to enter the New option, and then write a message
* Then you must enter the recipient email address
* The following step is enter the information that you want to send to your recipient
* You go to the option Photos
* After that you must go to the option Clipart
* Choose the option  clip you like best
* Then, submit your message with a clip, you only need to click in the option Submit.

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