How to retrieve contacts in Hotmail

In some cases someone tell us about their contact, because their were gone in some cases, for this reason is importat to know it.

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In this case we will look in the reason or how to it can disappear, but we look  how to find a quickly and easy solution to retrieve this important information.

Hotmail helps us to recover deleted contacts or friends, when we delete it for a mistake or another reason, in the case that you accidentally deleted, we have 30 days to make a claim to Microsoft and after that we will be retrieving this information from this contact.

How to make?
Well, let the Panel menu located on the lower-left of the screen, there select Contacts, once the screen has loaded go to Manage, we see that the last option is Recover Deleted Contacts.

If you have one or more contacts deleted, we will show a screen with all the names of the contact that you removed, to select and retrieve them.

If you like to retrieve all the contact that you delete, you have to a click on a button restore all, that is all, is very easy.

This piece of hotmail is very interesting, in the future we will explain more about them, but into the Manage Contacts we have many options like as bring contacts from a social network. Now has never been easier to bring Hotmail contacts.

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