How to report the spam in your Hotmail account

Many times our Windows Live Hotmail account we receive emails from unknown people who all they do is fill our inboxes, for this reason I will present two methods to be able to identify and report on them.

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Ho to report the junk mail in your hotmail account

Option 1: To report spam from our Hotmail account

* Log from Windows Live Hotmail
* Click on the icon “Mail“, located to the left of your screen.
* We will see a folder with options where we click on in the option “Inbox.”
* In our message list we must click on the right button of our mouse and then select “source code“, after that we will select the message content.
* After this we will copy the content and then we are going to compose a new email addressed to and copy the contents of spam e-mail on our new message body.

Option 2: To report the spam e mail from a account that is not hotmail.

* Log into Windows Live Hotmail
* In our screen, in the left side we click on mail.
* In the folder listed click in the inbox.
* In our list we are going to email messages that we wish to inform clicking the right mouse button by selecting view source code.
* Made it select the contents of the message and copy it.
* We went into our inbox and select Create a new message.
* We paste the contents of this message to inform the body of our new message and send to abuses address of the domain from where the spam.

I hope this information will be helpful for you, and it allowing you to block those annoying spam emails.

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