How to repair the error 8100043b with Windows Live Messenger

In this post we will learn how to fix the error 8100043b when we opened the new Windows Live Messenger 2011. It does not let you log on your Windows Live Essential.

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When you have the error 8100043b when you open the Windows Live Messenger happened because your PC has accents or special characters. And the solutions are:

1. Go to Start Menu -> Run ->, and enter Regedit and give it enter

2. From the menu on the left will go to opening branches: HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft MSNMessenger MachineName

3. Now we do a change for not have special characters or accents. For see the name of the computer you can click in the keys Windows + Pause and then you can see the configuration system. Also you can go to Start and then clicking the right button of the mouse and select Properties. Where it says “Name” you can change it very easily.

4. We save the changes and we return to open the Windows Live Messenger

If this don´t have effect, you must restart the computer. I Hope this tutorial is usefull for you.

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