How to Register an Email Address Alias in Hotmail

Hotmail has added a new feature to its services: now you can establish an alternate email address or “alias”.

This is a great functionality which allows Hotmail users to conceal their main email address from others in the web.

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How can you create an alias?

It’s actually very simple. Once you’re logged into your email account you have to click on the Inbox Icon> and select the “Create a Hotmail Alias” tab. Then type the alias you want to use in the dialog box.

Once you type the address, the system will confirm whether it is available or ask you to choose a different one if it is already taken. If the email address is unique, a message written in green will pop up confirming your address alias has been created.

Afterwards you’ll get an email from Hotmail telling you your new Hotmail alias is ready to be used.

Hotmail lets users register up to 5 email address aliases and you can use each of them for different purposes.

Remember that you are not creating a new email account, just another email address which will serve as “alias”.

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