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Nobody likes to spend his time in eliminating SPAM in his mail box, it is very annoying to see a long line of SPAM messages, and much more when we expect to receive an important email. So the first thing we do is don´t publish our email address on forums, or sites that ask mail records, and things like this.

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Anyway, Hotmail filters 80% of spam and delete quickly. However, is so much the amount of junk mail that is sent, there are always a big remains in our account. For this reason we going to give a great security to email.

First login to your account and go into “Options” (in the top right). And the next menu go to “More options.” As shown in the image. Then, under “Spam“, do click in the option “Filters and information.”

Now we know about the level of spam filter and then we configure it.

1. Low Level: It comes by default and works best in new accounts.
2. Standard Level: If you receive lots of spam messages, check this, because it sends all the spam folder.
3. Exclusive Level: You receive only emails from your hotmail contacts and, if someone else will send you a message, it will go to the spam folder.

When you finish selecting click the “Burn” button the changes take effect, and then the spam you receive in your inbox will be much smaller.

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