How to recover the deleted emails on Hotmail

In some cases we delete accidentally an emails in Hotmail, and we can recover it, this function in hotmail is one of that are sought among users of Microsoft’s service.

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The idea when you delete a message and also it is permanently removed from Microsoft servers is common in our life, but there is a tutorial for retrieval in the case that the email has been removed in error, but if it has been steal by an evil people, however it is most recommended to be notified what happened during the first twenty-four hours after it happened.

Always we remember that remove is not the same as a purge, as happens in the Windows operating system, when we remove a file or folder they travel to the Recycle where we have the option to recover or purge to empty this directory .

The same method applies in Hotmail where messages are sent in advance to a virtual recycle trash and also which should be stored only one time before this self-emptying.

We also have the option to empty the trash manually in and also you can eliminate fully all of the emails.

However, as mentioned a mistake could be can happen, for example:

We could be eliminate an email very taught, a family or work

Also our account has been hacked by identity theft

We have deleted the post on purpose

Or someone made a bad thing and we dropped an email.

If you like retrieve the email we can use the Hotmail service, although it is useful if you  do this task during the first twenty-four hours after the post was deleted, because it is a good time to recover the file again after the last time is not guaranteed return to retrieve the file delete.

To retrieve a deleted mail from Hotmail we have to going to and select the option someone stole my account, the trouble is that we change the password.

Another way to configure the mail in a mail client, is in the option settings, the menu not remove mails from the server, this will make the old messages stored on the server to download the mail client.
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