How to protect the history of conversation with key

An interesting question has come to our comments section, which of course I tried to answer as quickly as possible, one of our readers to asked us if there is any way to protect our record of conversation so that no one can access it … the answer to this question is yes and know how to do this, I invite you to read this post.

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Is true, but the conversations that we have from our Messenger account should only be of interest to people who are talking on this communication system, but there are always those who, with either good or bad intention, and can access these records and find some things we prefer to save in private, if for some reason you think it is necessary to protect your conversations because you like that the people don´t  have access these, you must follow these steps.
The first thing to remember is that this method only works with Messenger Plus! Live

* Please log in to your Messenger Plus! Live
* After that go to the menu * Plus! Which is at the top of your window contacts.
* Go to the windows Preferences and Options
* Then Enters Talks
* In the menu on the left of the window, go to the Encryption option
* After that check the option to password protect my records
* Enter a safe password
* Confirm the password to encrypt your logs
* Finally Click in the option OK

Ready! Since now on all the conversations that you have through the Messenger Plus! Live will be kept with key.

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