How to organize emails with the Hotmail folders in Wave 4

Did you know that with wave 4 you can organize your mail into folders automatically?

We don´t need to receive and read emails in the inbox but we can customize all the emails that we receive in our tray, for example you can receive mails from work directly to your job or Office folder, or emails from a friend that you don´t want to appear on your account or directory.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:

To create folders we have to do the following

We will go to the Options and then to More Options, after that we go to option Manage Rules.
The options that we have here allow us to create new filters and / or regulations to receive and send emails to a kind of folder.

For example we can create a folder called Office and also create a filter where all of our Windows Live Messenger contacts are, so that every time each somebody send us an email it go directly to the folder.

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