How to make Windows Live Hotmail don´t make a mailing lists as spam

When we send an Emails without an address it could be categorized as spam in Windows Live, however when this mail have the red flag this is a spam and you have all the knowledge that it isn´t  spam, but you could be a little problems; The first think that you have to do is to stop thinking that Hotmail is spam.

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In some cases the mailing lists have been added by a news provider and when we send the mail we look only the name of the list, the spam detection algorithms in Microsoft detect this kind of address and tell you that it is Spam but you know that it doesn´t spam.

If you like prevent that these messages are removed before they reach the inbox (depending on the level of filters you have set) will show how to create a safe list.

* First of all you have to select Options | More Options … in Windows Live Hotmail.
* Then click on the option Safe and Blocked Senders under spam.
* Follow the link lists of email security.
* After that you must enter the email address listed in the To: field of messages from a particular mailing list, under Address for mailing list:
* Finally click on Add to the list>>.

It is ready you, now we can be notified of forums, blog entries or corporate emails without Hotmail believe that this is spam.

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