How to make if Windows Live Essentials has not installed any programs

In some occasions you download many programs with a lot of applications, but these are not installed s very well on our computer, in this articles we learn how to make if the programs that make Windows Live Essentials are not installed well.

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You must know the reason for this programs are not installed successfully, one of this are for the free space in your computer, because need the necessary space for install the programs, other reason are the firewall, it could be blocks the installation in our computer and don´t have the minimum requirements required by the program or a proxy server that prevents this action is performed and you can`t installed successfully the programs.

* For resolve this problem you must to check the free space in your computer, because you should be 400 MB for Windows Live Essentials work well with all her programs.

If you like to do this you must go to hard drives and after that you must to check the available memory where you want to install the programs.
* then you must check if this was ok, and then we should review the firewall settings, because the firewall don´t allow the installation successfully of some programs, after that we must review the information or go to the firewall page if you have any problems.

* In some cases the temp files have a lot of space on our computer, for this you should cleaning this folders all the weeks, this task is good if you like to keep your computer clean and while and also you computer have more space for the application and installation. You must delete the files from your hard disk for example the following kind of files:
or Downloaded Program Files.
or Temporary Internet Files
or Temporary files
or Temporary Offline Files
or Offline Files

* One of the most important point that you need to know is look all the requirements to apply the program, you can look with the original name which in the Windows Live Essentials website, before that you install the program, if you install the version Windows Live Essentials Beta, you must know that wich is not compatible with Windows XP.

You can´t install the beta version, for this reason you must install an older version.
*But if you have the same problem and it persist, also this tutorial are not help for you, we suggest you that you must review the proxy settings, because this proxy always is changed, in some cases for example if the computer we wish to perform the installation a corporate network.

If you have problems again and you don´t have the solution for your problem with this steps, we suggest you to perform the installation again, because one of the problems that you have are when you downloading in the application directly from Windows Live Essentials

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