How to invite contacts to a new event using Hotmail

For the people who use email like a primary communication tool, the use of calendars to remind those appointments or events that suddenly you can forget, is a very useful tool, which is why to simplify things even more, also it allow inviting our contacts to a planned event by us or any appointment or group meeting.

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How to inviting contacts with hotmail

Then I will give to know the steps to add an event and invite all the contacts that you like:

* The first thing to do is log on to your Windows Live Hotmail
* After that you must go to Windows Live Calendar.
* Once done, you go to the toolbar and you should click here and click in the option new event.
* You will see a dialog box where you must complete the event information that trying to do, including the location and the date of this.
* With this ok, you must select the option add more details.
* Here you must choose the option invite attendees.
* For this you can follow the next steps:
* To invite your contacts from Windows Live Hotmail you should select people from your list of contacts in the box, where all your contacts will appear with a box in which you want to chose who to invite.
* In the case that you guests are no contacts from your Windows Live Hotmail, you must go to the box, where they entered your contact addresses separated by commas.

When your contacts respond to the invitation you will be notified in your email inbox for Hotmail and was updated in our section about invite people, in wich we can look those who have accepted or even do not answer the invitation, if you want to modify or delete an event also we can do, and decide whether if we inform the audience or not.

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