How to integrate Youtube with Windows Live

With the innovations that brought Hotmail on the last update, we can do much more things than before. In this case we will learn to make a connection between Youtube and Windows Live, this allow share all the videos in a more better form, more social.

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When you make changes, all the update that you make on your Youtube account will be reflected in Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail e-mail, a great way to share videos on the Internet.

To do this you must:

* First of all log into Windows Live with your username and password.
* Go to Options -> Services -> Youtube
* Now enter your user and pass in the box next to Youtube
* Then you choose with whom to share the videos of Youtube, then click in the option Save
* And finally if all if the all steps were performed correctly, you will see a message saying that it was correctly.

Ready! From that moment you begin to share your videos on Youtube in Windows live through the integration performed.

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