How to import friends from other social networks to your network Hotmail

Most users who use internet all days, owned or registered in a lot of social networks at once. For this reason and because we use Hotmail, I will tell you how to add new contacts to your Hotmail email from social networks that which you belong.

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If you want to have more friends in your network Hotmail, you must:

* Log in to your Hotmail Email.
* Go to the Profile
* Look to the right contacts are friends who belong to your Hotmail and the network side of it you’ll see and click to the option to Add friends.
* Now choose a social network where you are registered to import friends.
* Connect the social network for your Hotmail account
* I chose users who want to add to your network Hotmail
* Click in OK. (And your friends have already imported into your Hotmail account)

I hope you liked the tutorial, and good luck with your new online friends Hotmail!

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