How to hide quickly the Messenger

In several offices the use of Messenger for employees is prohibited, but as good workers (hehe) on many occasions we make ignored this kind of thing and as we connect to our account in working hours, the problem is when our boss or supervisor is rapidly approaching us and we fail to log off and no less to hide the chat window.

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If what I just mentioned them, you at some time has passed, I tell them that there is a little trick which by a hidden keyboard shortcut hide quickly the Messenger ourselves and transform our state from Connected to Away, if you want to learn this trick called Anti-Boss, continue to  read this post.

The trick to hide the Messenger in a fast and efficient way is through the lock system that has the same program or application for which you should press Ctrl Space Bar and immediately Messenger icon will be hidden and your status will change to Not Available; to unlock your Messenger, you just make a double-click in  the icon that appears in the Start bar.

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