How to eliminate the junk mail

On several occasions, different persons can send us messages to our email with promotions or information that usually we see that it is irrelevant, so this kind of message is flagged as spam and will be grouped into this folder, if you are integrating Hotmail recently and want to know how to clean your junk mail folder and then show you how to eliminate it.

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How to eliminate the junk mail
* The first thing to do is enter in your Hotmail email with your username and password

* Go to the inbox of your email.

* In the menu on the right of your inbox, go to the option Folders.
* Choose the folder called Spam.
* If you like to delete all messages in your junk mail folder, you just have to click in the option Select All and then click the option to delete.
* If you want to remove only a few messages in the folder, you must select them one by one and then click in the option Delete.

Delete any messages in your spam folder allow you to have much more space on your email, which of course will be very good for you.

That’s it for today my friends, until next time.

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