How to edit an Office file in Hotmail

In this time, mention that Hotmail has been renovated and has new features extremely useful and necessary is more than just repetitive.

However, many of the features deserve to be named, designed and detailed to enable users to take full advantage of new tools.

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One of the new services we want to emphasize is that of Office online, or also known as Office 365 which is integrated with Hotmail and lets you edit and save Office files in Word, Excel and Power point without the need for these programs, ie can be made directly from the web.

Office On Line

As Long ago an online office was indebted to the users of Hotmail by Microsoft because  its direct competitor with Gmail and Google Docs for quite some considerable time and is a leader in this field.

Microsoft’s response was to create Office 365, a product that integrates many services from Microsoft that finally let you edit and save an office document online.

If you like to edit a Word document or Excel file from Hotmail is necessary to have an email account.

For example, if we receive a file which is a format is for the last that we mention.


First of all Sign in to your Hotmail account

Then Open the file by clicking on the option “Edit from your browser”

After that You make changes to document

We click in the option save before closing, plus if you participate in a group, you can send a notification to users as part of that group that the file was modified.

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