How to disable the Messenger Plus Live advertising

When you installing Messenger Plus Live, this have with an optional program that relies on advertising each operation, however this option is often overlooked and inadvertently appears from time to time advertising on our computer. Unfortunately there are some anti-adware programs / spyware that not are an effectively filter between hadware and spyware solution bad, who also provide false information to users in some cases could cause damage to the sponsor, and this banned the uninstallation of the program.

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How to disable the Messenger Plus Live advertising

However, the disabling of this feature is very easy and quickly, also does not take too many minutes:
* If you have Windows XP you should go to the option “Add or Remove Programs
* In the case of Windows Vista go to the option “Programs and Features.”
* If you made it, then you must select Messenger Plus Live & Support.
* Here we give the choice itself uninstall the sponsor or you can to make a complete uninstall.

We must take into consideration when making this action appears to the software Messenger Plus Live, and the uninstaller did not report the presence of a sponsor, advertising that we look on our computer would come from any other instalation in our computer.

If the case of the sponsor of Messenger Plus Live has been damaged by third parties it inform us of the problem and in this case the easiest thing is to disable the program anti-adware/spyware reinstall Windows plus Live with the sponsor and after that to uninstall in a correct form and if you need to return to the empowerment anti-adware/spyware program.

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