How to create safe passwords for your email to

One of the great tips for using a Hotmail e-mail is that you create a good hard hack password, because the hackers are the order of the day, and you are not the exception. And is difficult understand that the most commonly used password is 123456. Anyway I will teach you how to create a very safe password for be quiet while you writing mails to your friends.

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Tips for creating safe passwords:

* Use at least six characters: It is a minimum and necessary amount. You can excedded to the maximum extent possible!
* Combine numbers and letters: It will give more complexity.
* Also you can combine case: Hotmail can difference these features, so it is important to do this combination (numbers + lowercase + uppercase letters + special characters)
* Is Important Update your antivirus!
* Save the response to the secret question.

Well, we’re seeing in the next tutorial again, I hope it was useful to you, and that the next time there will open sessions on hotmail, you can enter. LOL

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