How to Create Emoticons Messenger

Windows Live Messenger (before called MSN Messenger) is an instant messaging client, which is used to chat with other people in real time. Messenger allows users to upload “emoticons“, for use during instant messaging sessions. Smiles are icons, like a smiley face, which may appear with a message that mean an idea or feeling, along with the written message. Emoticons can be animated using GIF files. Looking for a GIF (animated if possible) and load the file as an emoticon in just a few clicks.

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Steps to Create Emoticons Messenger

Step 1. Find an animation in GIF format, which we will use for the emoticon. One way for make it, is to open an Internet browser and go to a website containing GIF files. Click on the image and select “Save Picture As …” in Internet Explorer or “Save Image As …” in Firefox. A new window opens to save the GIF. Enter a name for the picture and save the file on the desktop for easy access.

Step 2. Click “GIF” and then open the Messenger application.

Step 3. Click the “Show Menu” in the drop-down list in the top.

Step 4. Click in “Tools” in the menu options.

Step 5. Click on the “emoticons” on the menu.

Step 6. Click in the option “Create“. And then the Upload File box is open.

Step 7. Find and click the GIF file downloaded and click in the option “Open.”

Step 8. Write a name and description for the emoticon.

Step 9. Click in “Ok” to load the file as an emoticon.

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