How to create a Word document Hotmail recently added one of the best features you could ask a mail server.

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Office 360 is a version of Microsoft Office that allows users to using an online version of the fabulous office software, so you can view, edit, create and delete a Word document, a spreadsheet Excel even a PowerPoint presentation directly from your email inbox hotmail.

Best of all is that we can even create a document from scratch, thanks to the technology of the cloud (cloud computing) you can use an online Word to speak in a way and save their documents directly to Microsoft servers.

In other words, you need a rush document, access your hotmail account,, go to the office and create your document online in a couple of seconds, you can save, print or send to a friend family member or coworker.

Steps, how to create a Word document in hotmail

As mentioned, you could create a Word document online, only with hotmail

For this course you need a hotmail email account

Go to

Log into your account by entering username and password

In the inbox will be in the main menu up several options, click on Office, you will see a drop down menu, next select Word Document or Word Document.

Once you click there, go to the next window where you must assign a name to your document.

Unlike Word, Word needs 360 from a file name and saved in Word can create a document sent to the printer and do not save in the hard disk, hotmail can not do that.

Once you have entered a name, please click on the Save / Save

In the next window you will see a version of Word but online, it is equal to the Word 2010 environment so that will be familiar.

To save changes just click the floppy icon, remember your document is already saved, it did in the previous step.

To exit press the X, not the browser window, you see that there is another X in the embedded window, clicking here will leave the Word online.

A window will see the documents that are stored on hotmail, if you can create subfolders, copy or move.

Ok, you have already created a Word document in hotmail, if you want you can go to your inbox and send that document is attached to a friend.

Office 360 is Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs service Google’s online office, the truth is that Microsoft is late enough in this, the hotmail users saw that Google was providing many benefits in terms of document editing line, so Microsoft had to launch its own platform.

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