How to connect Windows Live and Hotmail

A lot of people how the same question, we can see from a Hotmail e-mail program in other thing that doesn’t Windows Live Mail, the answer is yes.

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Before the arrival of Windows Live Mail we had many programs that worked and as e mail clients, this program allow us to view, send and receive email, but their have a peculiarity thing their can  enter, leave and are stored in your PC.

Some of the programs that do this task are Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Bat, etc.

But a lot of people don’t know the power or the benefits that have when we use their email from the PC, for this reason we tell you that mail from Hotmail can be configured in any mail client.

What do we need?

Is easy, you need only enter a user name to the new account and then verify that the mail information, Hotmail user name and password are correct.

After that you must to set up two important things incoming mail server and then outgoing the mail server, if you use this program or another these two values are known as POP3 and SMTP.

For POP3 and also the progrma that we use is not important, the server program is and the port should be 995, while for SMTP, the value is, in the cases that the port is blocked we must use the number 587.

Remember that in the section Loggin in Hotmail you have many tutorials with example how to setup Hotmail in Mozilla Thunderbird.

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