How to Change the privacy settings on Windows Live

In some cases people feel a little of mistrust when you use the web tools, but not be afraid, you’re really good, internet have a lot of trickery, many tricks and gadgets placed by hackers who try to steal your identity or information.

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For example, some people could use google and put our name and look a couple of pictures or information on Facebook or find out if we have a relationship with someone.

Don’t worry, we can help you and we will teach you to keep private information that is shared in Windows Live Messenger.
One of the new things that have Windows Live Messenger is a feature that you can use to show updates of social networks for example the post in the walls of Facebook, a new photoalbum or a new tweet on Twitter.

This thing can be fun but if we are confident we can block these service.

Steps to make it

First of all you must log into Windows Live Messenger

Then We go to the option Tools

After that we must  go to Options

Then we have to choose the menu Privacy tab

Here we look  a lot of options to disable or enable,  in which we can look the following settings:

Allow Microsoft to collect information …

We can lokk that wich have other choices, when we finished it we click on the bottom OK and ready, our privacy levels on Windows Live Messenger will be personalized.

Windows Live Messenger is the instant messaging service of Microsoft to use it normally we can use in a hotmail account.

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