How to change the language in Hotmail

Another e-mail service don’t have the opportunity to cheng the language, but yes, because it has an extensive list of languages with which we have the possibility to customize all our inbox.

Now Hotmail have 49 languages for change, if you don’t kno how to chenge the lenguage, pelase red the following tutorial, is easy and quickly.

Top 5 Best Tutorialss:

First of all, you must login like an usual to your inbox for Hotmail and then you must put the username and password.

When you are there you well look one bottom of the right of the page, this bottom is to change the label language, then clicking here to open a window that give you the possibility to change the language.

But you can only select a language from the list, and after that click on the language that you select and then click in the option Save.

Is ready, when you reload the page again, you look the inbox in the new selected language.

What is useful this function?

You ask also wath is the use of this function and waths know how to change language, is easy, imagine yourself on vacaction in another country with another lenguage, surely the language options will be in the public computer is another that you don’t know.

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