How to backup Emoticons

If you are one of those who spent the hole day chatting with frinds in Windows Messenger , you would know that one of the things to be afraid about when you reinstall the system is to loose the emoticons, the truth is that you can recover them, asking to a friend or downloading them again, but that is a, unneeded waist of time.

Windows Live Messenger Emoticons Backup is an aplication that allows you to support all whic is related to Windows live Messenger, with it you could:

backup  winkes
backup emoticons
backup dynamic backgrounds
backup avatars

Besides saving all your personal data as image to shown, name , etc.
The aplication is quite easy to use, it is enough with installing it to get notice that you only need to select the ítems to be supported and then the folder to go to, folder that will work to save files while you install your system again.

Once ended the process, you select the folder and you do a click over the button “Restore” in this way Windows Live Messenger Emoticons Bakcup will restore automatically all your emoticons and animations.

The best of al lis that we can take the emoticons, Wilkes and animations in a pendrive, in this way we could transport them to other PC.

If you want more information, you could visit the page of the software developer.


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