How to allow the technical support in Windows Live Hotmail

The support offered by Windows Live Hotmail give you help for 24 hours a day we can go to the directly to the page for the technical support, to order and receive support while running Windows Live Hotmail must do the following:

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How to enable support in Windows Live Hotmail

* The first thing to do is start and log on Windows Live Hotmail.
* After that we will go to the help icon in our inbox, which will open the general center help to the Windows Live.
* In the opposite case you can go to the search bar from questions helps center the of which derives your problem.
* In the case that the assistance provided we don´t solve the problem we proceed as follows:
* We will go to the page https: / /
* Under general services we need to choose Windows Live Hotmail.
* In the search box we should write any keyword related to your problem.
* Made it we should go to the upper right corner of the window and click on find more help.
* We will Click in the option report we get to fill out the form that we look and then send us and finishing.

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