How to add bing searches to an email

I think many people know that Bing is the Microsoft browser, thanks to the new update of Windows Live, we can integrate some searches of Bing to a the messages that we send to your contacts.

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Bing giving us this opportunity to add search to e mail that we send send from hotmail, gives us more easy to give some indication, for example, if you need to send one address to one of your contacts, you can include a map to make more clear.

To add a message in our search for Bing, you only follow these steps:

* Enter your username and password in your e-mail.

* Go to the option New, to send a new email to any of your contacts.

* Enter the email contact to which you want to send a message

* Enter your message

* Choose the option from Bing

* Choose what you want to insert from the Browser.

* Make a search in Bing

* Once you find what you want, you just have to click on the selected result and this will be added automatically to your message .

* Now you just have to send the message and the receiver can view all the information that you sent.

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