How to access in Gmail

Google is not just a search engine with integrated mail, is more than that is a complete center of software.

From an online office, to diaries, calendars, developer tools, webmaster and sales representatives, all in one place.

Simply sign up for you to access the free features of Google.

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Here is a list of things that Google offers for free at the moment:

Adsense: Advertising is a tool that lets you earn money with your web site
AdWords: a tool similar to Adsense only in reverse, the idea is to promote your business through Google.
Blogger, a free tool that lets you create and maintain your own blog

Google Buzz: Gmail is a supplement that allows you integrate with social networking from your inbox.

Google Docs: a tool to open and edit documents online, it also allows the same with spreadsheets, MS Office is compatible with Microsoft.

Gmail – the email service from Google.
Feedburner – A tool to add RSS to your site
Orkut – Google’s social network
GoogleMe – A new version of what will be the future of social networks on Google.
Youtube – A free service where you can watch and upload videos
Google Latitude – This is a geolocation tool that lets your friends know where you are and vice versa
iGoogle – This is a mobile version of Google

This is just a small sample of what Google offers.

Do you want to take their first steps on google and have your account?

It’s very, very easy to get a Google Account, you must first register by visiting the Google website Sign Up Page, follow the onscreen instructions to guide you step by step.

Once you’ve done everything you are told you have full access to the tools of google, you will see in the upper right corner of your browser and see a tab with the name Google.

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