Hotmail, the unique place where you have all your mail`s accounts

Now to have all your email`s accounts in only one place is easier than ever.
Imagine you are in the office and you need to use your personal email, or that you are at home enjoying of your family and you need to open the company`s mail, but you have to let open your personal email because you are chatting from the web messenger.

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How complete it is!!!, but nowadays`s life is like this, we can be in the msn, in skype, chatting, uploading photos and sharing everything at the same time.

To make us our day lightly, hotmail help us to save time, for that reason it developed a technology that allows us to see and access to many mail accounts being they from gmail or from Yahoo without the need of loging out our hotmail`s mail.

How can I have more than an account linked to my hotmail?

Here we show you the steps:

Log in your hotmail`s mail account.
Over the word Log in, you will see that if you move the mouses over there, it apears an icon of a gear, so then you do a click there and it will apear an emergent menu, do a click in the option `Add an email account┬┤

After, you enter that mail account and its password, remember that it can be an account which is not from hotmail, your other email could be from yahoo or from gmail as an example and there will not be a disadvantage.

Lastly you have to choose in which folder you will save the new mails of the account to see them, as you know, you can create folders and subfolders in hotmail.

For example, you can have a folder for the emails that you receive from your boss in your work`s account and also an email folder from your workmates with your personal account, but everything integrated from a unique mail`s account.

Once you do a click on save, there will apear the selected folders.

It is also possible to link one or more mail`s accounts with one from Windows Live ID, to do that it is enough to put a name to your mail`s account, this is to say, a nick, and then link a nick.

The nick is nothing but a nickname.

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