Hotmail Spam

What is spam? How to identify this problem in Hotmail? Is there a solution?

Spam is also known as junk mail or spam is actually e-mail messages that have no interest in receiving these emails usually come from unknown senders, these often being robots, clones accounts, hacked computers or Hotmail accounts hijacked for this.

Most of these emails are identified not make sense, ie a message received offer fried chicken, Get discounts on Viagra and has won 48 million dollars.

In addition to selling products and services of all kinds, tips for teeth whitening, weight loss methods and hundreds of other things.

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Fortunately for users of Microsoft has an excellent spam filter system is very, very good and effective but not perfect, one of thousands of spam can end up going to our mailbox problem, as Spammers spend hours and hours to send emails more and more similar to normal mail.

What is spam?

It is a spam, junk mail mostly meaningless
How to identify this problem in Hotmail?
They are easy to identify criteria are often not even if title

Is there a solution?

If we think that the spam will end some day we’re thinking wrong, but we can do to fix the problem is to help Microsoft identify spam, for example if a spam comes to secure e-mail folder, for please mark it as spam and the sender will be blocked.

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