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Anything email is complete without a signature, the few lines of information that guide and certify to the contact who sent a message is who they say they, rather than in marketing, online marketing and business is essential.

In Windows Live Hotmail and Hotmail you can easily set up an electronic signature, which will be added to all emails you send in ISH we will show you how to.

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How do to set the signature in the mail from Hotmail:

After that you logged into Hotmail, go to menu Options, then more options, and the links that you found on the toolbar of Windows Live Hotmail

We click on the section Personal Signature

Then you must enter a signature that can be even in image

We click in the option save

Now when you send an email on the bottom of the e mail, you can look the signature appears, which can be a phrase, or your personal or corporate image.

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