Hotmail Inbox

The Hotmail Inbox is certainly the main part of our email account.  That’s where we can check the messages received, which are listed according to date and hour by default.

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However, there are other ways in which we can organize them:  according to sender, subject, size, or conversation.

Right at the top of  the Inbox we can see a Tool Bar offering several options:
NEW (to create a new message)
REPLY (to send a message to the person we got the email from)
REPLY ALL (to send a message to several people)
FORWARD ( to send an email we got to a different addressee)
DELETE (to delete messages we have chosen to get rid of)
JUNK (useful to select unwanted emails)
SWEEP (to organize our mails in our Inbox)
MOVE TO (to send emails to other folders).

There’s another tool bar
SHOW which lets users select what emails to read first.

The options are: All/Unread/From Contacts/Social Updates/From Groups/Everything else

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