Hotmail: How to automatically forward an e-mail account to another e mail account

On many times we send an important email with hotmail e mail, which needs to be supported because of the information it contains is very important, unfortunately, not often known to us to forward that message to another hotmail email from our property to avoid future conflicts, then one of the best ways to support a message sent from our mail Hotmail, is setting up our account for all the message will be forwarded to another email account.

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If you want to learn how to configure your Hotmail account to send messages that are sent to another person of your email accounts, follow read this post and we’ll teach you step by step to configure your Hotmail account.

* Enter your Hotmail account
* After that Enter Options
* Then see the category E
* Enter in the option Forward mail to another account

* Check the box Forward email to the following email accounts

* Enter the email account to which you forward the messages

* Finally press the option OK to save any changes made to your account.

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