Hotmail add SSL in the web mail sessions

We look to give more security to many users, for this reason Hotmail introduced a new measure of security in your email web mail service.

Now we can access to the Hotmail e mail with HTTPS, it means that we will have a session with an encrypted SSL connection.

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However there could be a little problem, because many websites that connect through an encrypted SSL connection could send users to a web site and wich is not a safe web site and for this reasonthe user back into a spiral of unnecessary risk.

However give us that we can keep your information safe in all the sessions.
Microsoft had give us this news about these changes in the last June about the use of SSL sessions and now this news is official.
The idea is that any users can choose to enter in this url or https: / /

What does this mean?

This mean that when you log off  in Hotmail (Not login hotmail) all the applications are closed and protected with SSL, it was an old job that Hotmail should give us in the computers for public use.

We give an example, you have many MSN accounts on your computer, sign in with one, reads the mail and close your browser, after that we log in another MSN account, but the previous email account was not closed, it only closed browser and the communication with messenger, diden’t  close the mailbox, and it cause a problem.

Another example is when someone enter in your e-mail with the MSN and when I went to Hotmail inbox was open the mail account of another person.

The SSL connection is the solution for this problem and was an outstanding debt of Hotmail and now offers, now 300 million users will be grateful and feel happy.

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