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A few days ago I received in my inbox from a Hotmail e-mail from Microsoft inviting me to remember my life Hotmail. When you open the message he hoped to find a complete history of my career by Hotmail: expecting such recall each of the accounts I’ve had Hotmail as they have been forgotten as we grow and change my hobbies. But when opening “your life with Hotmail” the only thing I found was the opening of my current Hotmail e-mail account with a timeline in a few minutes surprised me with some information he didn´t know about the most important web site of internet …

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In a short words I found the following information:

* 1997: Hotmail born in 1997 and a quickly tome it became in the most popular webmail in the world with more than 30 million active users scattered across the planet.
* 1998: the Internet is growing quickly and for this reason it increases the number of computers connected to the Internet. To this date, the world have 36 million of computers connected to the www. Awesome !

* 1999: This year was invented one of the most popular messaging programs in the world. In 1999 all the world looks the born of the popular and very used Windows Live Messenger.
* 2000: How could I forget the year 2000 (we all thought that came to the end of the world) However Hotmail at this time was far from coming to an end because he had managed to have more than 67 million of users in the worldwide, which fortunately did not disappear along with the planet at the change of the millennium.
* 2001: This year is marked by the birth of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that much controversy generated by the truth that has little information there is published
* 2002: This year comes a big that was designed to share images, Flickr. It is so successful this new site every 60 seconds the people up to 5,000 images in this portal. The site is currently is the most popular images of the world.
* 2003: The year 2003 introduced an innovative service that brought together thousands of professionals around the world in one place for networking and business deals. This year saw the light LinkedIn.
* 2004: it seems like yesterday but in reality it’s been many years since the Xbox has created a portal multiplayer to enjoy of millions of gamers who live around the world.
* 2005: Believe it or not, just this year two people created the most successful video site Internet: Youtube, which since its inception was unstoppable and even Google was able to compete with him and evicted its video portal. Currently as you probably know Youtube is owned by Google who realized that the only way to win the battle of the portals was buying YouTube videos
* 2006: You did know that the most successful social network today (Facebook) was established over five years. Facebook’s success soon spread worldwide but in use was a boom in the same year she gave birth.
* 2007: Skydrive is born in this year, a file storage system of 25 GB which can store information to access it from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately even today this service is not well known.
* 2008: This was the year when many learned to say much with few words. It is the year of twitter, a social platform that many called and even called as microbloging.
* 2009: This is the year when Google starts to scary: After a long time stands a real rival for their most successful product (the browser.) Bing introduces the innovative technology Powerset semantic search but despite this and spend millions of dollars in advertising, do not get the acceptance I expected, since even today the market continues to struggle to steal  the powerful google search engine.
* 2010: This year is really important for Hotmail since it incorporates many of features that seek to make a more social site with Hotmail. If you could go back in time and see the improvements probably would stay impacted Hotmail. What we now assume as natural a product of years of constant development. Hotmail now has updated most of the accounts of its users and gradually get used to the new design and functions. ..

As you can see a lot of things has happened since Hotmail was launched in 1997, and could not be otherwise because they are more than 14 years of history, and – no doubt – you can tell by this and other things, we’ve been in the past…

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