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Many times we need some kind of hosting on the web, for example to sharing  file of your work, an important file of your office, a presentation for this project in the University or simply a way of sharing files, whether documents, music or video.

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Windows, or rather Microsoft, has of his free services a virtual hard drive that allows us to upload any file to the network and store it in a 100 % virtual space with 25 GB of capacity in this moment.
The idea is that in an easy manner, easy and quickly you can store high-quality photos, videos, files, spreadsheets and anything that can be on our PC, without you having to be burning your mind when you looking another alternatives for backing up information.

A simple and practical way to keep always supported your information and files in the case that you have a big problem with him when you uploading the files to Internet. Where we have the assurance that a multinational company like Microsoft will protect at all costs.

In this moment we can upload files with a maximum weight of 50 Mb per file and the maximum capacity is 25 GB for save files.
When Windows Skydrive started in the year 2007, it have something called Windows Folders and was a service which only the testers had access, it had only 5 GB of storage, after a couple of improvements, in 2008 Windows launched the new product as it is known today .

The best of all, you can create groups of users that can access your files, that is, if your accounts with a folder containing Word documents and Excel files you can give privileges to a co worker to access in your Windows Skydrive and can edit these documents at the last minute weekend for the Monday morning that the work done.

Id you need use this feature users who want to create, edit, or delete files must be members of Microsoft Live Groups.
The only requirement for using Windows Skydrive is found a Hotmail account

If you don´t have one, or do not know how to create it? Look this tutorial

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