Find a Hotmail e-mail

How can we find an e- mail in the Hotmail inbox folder?

When we have a few e-mails in our Hotmail inbox folder, it is very easy to find it. But for people who have hundreds of e-mails a day, owing to work or study activities, it is difficoult to find an e-mail in particular.

Lets imagine the hypothetical sitution that we need all the e-mails sent by a person, in the inbox folder we have hundreds, or thousands of e-mails, and this person has sent us e-mails for months.

How can we do to find these e-mails specifically?

Luckily, Hotmail has a powerful e-mail searcher, that allows us to fin dan email easily.

In the inbox folder, you will see that in the top there is a box that says “search e-mail”, and has a magnifying glass and Bing`s logo.

Beside that, in the right, you will see something like an arrow to the botton, if we click over it, we will see options for an advanced search, which will make us easier to find one or more than one mails in particular

What are the advanced searches?

To make an advanced search in Hotmail could be something very profitable, due to the fact that these advanced options allow us to find an e-mail for:

From: From an addressee in particular, you can write his/her e-mail address, or his/her name or nick name, as it is in your contacts diary
To:You can find e-mails from the sender whom the e-mail was sent to
Subject: You can find it from the subject
Folder: It can show you e-mails from a particular folder
Clue words: It can show e-mails containing clue words as party, carrear, football match, hi dear, etc.
Date between: It also can find only the e-mails that were sent in a particular date
Finally it can make another filter showing only the e-mails that have attached documents



All these tools are very interesting in use and power, as an example, lets think about this situation: we are working in an office and we need to find the e-mails form the last month which have attached documents for the company.

We could make an advanced search using the options: “date between” and determine the date and then mark the option “with atteched documents”. Done like this it will show only the e-mails received in a particular date and those which have attached documents or files.

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