End with the junk mail in your inbox

How difficult is to have our inbox ordered!, now with hotmail.com`s help, your inbox will looks much more organized, free and with an interface much easily to use.

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What makes possible this is the incorporation of:

SmartScreen that allows to maintain the spam in the border line and delete and mark suspicious mails.
To see and filter messages in a fast way.
A function of sweeping for the spam.

SmartScreen helps you to maintain the spam in the border line

There is not worse thing that the spam and Windows Live Hotmail know it, unfortunately the spam curse of the email, one of the new evilsof our digital age.

Microsoft SmartScreen is the solution to protect the free hotmail inbox with the same technology that big multinational`s companies and the governmental agencies uses.

This technology allows Microsoft to design algorithms to block the spam before it arrives to your inbox, making that suspicious mails go directly to a folder called junk.

Otherwise Microsoft`s system is not infallible,many times some publicity mails reach our inbox,but they are the exception.

The sight and search filters

These filters helped greatly to users to organize in a better way the inbox, when having the filter to search for a determined characteristic the users themselves were creating places to stock new mails, for example, the creation of subfolders to send directly Facebook`s notifications or from other social network.


To clean the untidiness you only use sweep, which in just seconds will remove or move whatever mail that is wrong placed.
You can send through only one order, all the notifications of a forum from a determined site to the trash basket. You can declare as a junk the Facebook`s wall notifications or you can remove permanently whatever mail in a fast way.

For more information: http://www.windowslive.co.uk/hotmail/

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