Download Among Us For PC

Download Among Us For PC. Here you will see how to download Among Us for PC: It is a game that has become very popular in recent days, its operation is basically by roles.

among us download for pc

There are 2 types of characters, the first and most important is the impostor, the objective of this is to pretend to be a crew member, as some missions are completed, he must kill the other participants without being discovered.

Among Us for PC Download

Every time someone is out of the game, a room is created, within this it is discussed to see who the impostor is, depending on the number of voters, 1 participant is expelled.

The crew are the ones who must complete missions and try to find out who the impostor is, but without being killed by it. If they achieve the objective, they will be winners.

The game scene is a ship, it has many rooms under maintenance, you must carry out the tasks as you go through many corridors and tunnels. Each game has an intervention of 4 to 10 participants. The number of impostors is selected by you, the game allows you to have 1 or a maximum of 3.

Downloading Among Us for pc can be one of the best things during confinement.. Among Us for pc legally

There are many ways to download Among Us but in an unsafe way, in case you want the legal version you can buy it in many ways, but the most recommended is the following.

  1. Access the Steam store, once there, look in the game catalog for the option ”Among Us
  2. At the bottom you will get the purchase option, in Mexico it has a value of 60 pesos, you have international methods to make the payment.
  3. After adding it to the cart and paying, you will notice how the download starts automatically.
  4. When the file has already been downloaded, you just have to unzip it and start playing.
    Generally this version is available for all computers.
    Download Among Us for pc using BlueStacks
    If you don’t want to pay to get this wonderful game, as you are going to have to access BlueStacks, keep in mind that the version you find there may stop working at any time.
  5. Enter the BlueStacks catalog, when you are there in the search engine, type ‘’Among Us’’.
  6. Check when the game was last updated and proceed to download (Usually it takes several minutes to start the download).
  7. Wait for the whole process to finish and start enjoying some adrenaline rush and various journeys inside the spaceship.

Initially Among Us was only available in the Play Store for Android and iOS devices, now you can play much more comfortably from the computer, taking full control thanks to the keyboard.

It is important that, before each game, you make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi or cable internet connection, otherwise, you will not be able to create rooms or enter any game.

Download Among Us for pc and start enjoying a story full of suspense and fiction in a space area!