Create new Netflix account

Create new Netflix account. Streaming services are the best way to enjoy multimedia like videos, movies, series, music and even videogames, since in this way we do not have to wait for content to download, being quite hard to do it because of the great definition and quality of media files these days. Being so, Netflix is definitely one stand out service where we can enjoy plenty of movies and series instantly.

Create new Netflix account

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In details, Netflix was created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, as a video club with a different approach in comparison to the ones existing at the time; a paid subscription and the possibility for the customers to take home the movies and series they need, and not renting them one by one and the corresponding payment for each.

Nevertheless, the rise of the service as a multimedia streaming platform came with the availability of faster internet bandwidth and the creation of an app, and by 2009 Netflix already counted with 10 million subscribers and 100.000 movies to offer on the available catalogue. By 2016, the service has almost 90 million users where the half of that number are from the United States.

How Netflix works

Specifically, Netflix is a streaming service where you can watch movies and series by paying a monthly quote, having access to a big catalogue that include own and third party productions.

As a great advantage, you can use Netflix in plenty of devices such as smart phones and tablets with iOS system or Android, Windows, through a browser visiting the official website, as well as consoles, Bluray players, TV Boxes, PC sticks, and virtually any device connected to the internet.

So, all you need is having an active and valid account on Netflix, enter your email and password and you are good to go, with the possibility to choose from thousands of movies and series, at until 4K resolutions and on every device you own with just one account.

How to sign up on Netfli, create an account

For you to be able to use Netflix you need an account, so you can start the process by visiting and right there on the homepage you can click on the “Sign Up Now” button, in order to begin the registration process. Then, another page will be loaded asking you to start your free month, so click on “Join for a free month” to do so.

At this point, the Netflix platform will show how to proceed, dividing the registration procedure in three steps; the first one is about choosing the most suitable plant for you, starting from basic, standard and premium. After you chose it, you will click on “Continue” to enter the registration data, such as email address and a secure password.

In the last step, you only need to set up your payment information by entering your credit or debit card, and if their valid and correct; your Netflix account is ready. In the case you do not like Netflix, you can cancel the subscription and you will not be charged.

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