3 Comments on "Close Hotmail account"

  • Someone stole my hotmail acct, which by the way, I did not know that I had one. Friends have been receiving emails from my hotmail acct, which by the way, I did not have one. I would like to report this act OF thievery. Pls close any and all accounts that you have starting with the name MARILLYN PLS CONFIRM TO MY YAHOO ACCOUNT THANK YOU

  • Every time I pull up my hotmail account it say that my account is block. And they are going to send me a verify account or password to my cell phone. I have not receive anything at all,so I would like to close my account and start a new account. I have no ideal what company or whoever keeps blocking me from getting into my own account. Please do something about this problem please.

  • hi, Iwould like to inform you that I can’t enter my email or reset my password
    I think someone had stolen my account and i want to return it back
    how can i do that ?

    thank you

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