You can acceed quickly to your Messenger to see who is connected and who is not, without the need of instaling Windows Live Messenger in your PC.

It could be that you are on holidays in a hotel or far away from your personal computer, in a cybercafe or in the computer of the office and you have the desire of entering to your Messenger, but you have a problem.

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There aren`t MSN installed, so, what can we do?

Luckily Microsoft launched Messenger.Live.Com, a new service that allows you log in in your online Messenger, this is tos ay that it will be like having your Messenger but in internet, with no need of instaling any software.

It is very usefull above all if we are in a hurry and we have to comunte quickly with a contact and we don`t have the Messenger instaled, in this way we can do it, it is enough with entering to, insert the user name of Windows Live ID and our password.

In the following window we can already chat with friends.

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