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Chat is a good option to communicate, wich was born late last century and now has a greater expansion, the idea of chat is that two or more people to communicate using a PC, which are sent text messages in real time.

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Chat is originally English word character, which literally means the nature or character printed.

Chat with Messenger means that the person or persons involved should use a program specially designed for this action or task, the Messenger that we known it is not only a suite of many programs offered free by Microsoft, the software company of Bill Gates.  
If you like start chatting with the Messenger, you have to download and install this program on your computer for chat.

After install successfully this program you  must be logged through your email account which already has to be previously created or the can be created directly from the program, which will be opening a web site browser, and will take the registration page of Hotmail user accounts.

If you like log in you must have an e mail account that  mentioned in the following article.

You see that you have two boxes in one place their email and other password, then depending on the version of Messenger you’re using will see more options such as log on to another state than don´t is the online state, also you can save the data for not having to enter them again.

This option is very useful for desktop PC, but you must  remember if you are an cyber  or any other public place access computers is not recommended that you save any data, usernames are passwords and conversations.

You can see that you have the option to change the user name, what does that mean? It means that is not necessary for you to chat with the user name that you choose for your account, one example is the following case, if your name is John and the default user name is John, but you have the option to customize the text that you want, for example the instance John the winner.

Ready, now you can start adding friends, contacts, partners or anyone else, and chat.

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