Chat with hotmail and your friends

Amazing…  hotmail now has a kind of Web Messenger for your users to stay connected all the time and share real-time conversations.

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We joined our hotmail email account

In the menu on the left you will see several options, messages, spam, sent, deleted, etc., But will see the option below Messenger.

Given automatically log you will see only the contacts listed as connected, in green.

To start a conversation with one of them just click on the name, you will see a popup window is displayed, then you can chat.

If you want to add new contacts, or see all the contacts, click the gear icon.

Ok, you already know how to chat from your hotmail account, do not delay if you have something important to tell a friend, you can now talk to him while sending an attachment from the job or write an email to a family.

Another great web messenger is ebuddy.

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