Chat on MSN from your Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail continues to upgrade its services.  Among the many done so far, Hotmail has integrated the MSN Chat box into Hotmail.  Now, rather than going to MSN Web Messenger, you can chat directly from your Hotmail Inbox.

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This new feature was developed by Microsoft after Yahoo did the same with its Messenger service, and Google launched Google Talk in Gmail.
The integration is so complete that there’s no need to download the MSN programme separately in order to chat with your MSN buddies.  Doing so is now just one click away after you log in your Hotmail account.

To start chatting with your MSN friends from Hotmail, all you have to do is log in your account.  On the left-hand side of the page you will see the tab “Messenger”. Right below it, the list of the friends who are online will be displayed. Now you just click on the  Contact you want to chat with, and start chatting right away from the comfort of your inbox.

You can also ad emoticons from the list of emoticons from one of the windows of Hotmail by just clicking on the one you want to add. Also, you can sign out of Messenger in case you don’t want to chat at any particular time, report abuse, or download the programme in case it hasn’t been done yet.

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