CC and BCC in Hotmail

“Spam” refers to those mails which have not been asked for by the user, hence the term unwanted/unsolicited mails.

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Now, how is it possible that someone we haven’t met knows our email address? They simply steal users’ email addresses which are sent massively in users’ lists in order to send unwanted messages.

Spammers also use specific programmes created with the sole purpose of copying email addresses from certain sites. These generate a text file with a list of email addresses.

However, there is a way of preventing this from happening. Many people send mails to all the friends in their contact list without using the BCC  option.  BCC stands for “Blind Carbon Copy”. By writing the email addresses in the BCC field we avoid showing the email addresses of others to the person who gets the email.

The person receiving the email will not know the same email was sent to others. They will not have access to that information. By doing this, we prevent spammers from getting email addresses of people they don’t know.

Although this might sound a bit odd, it’s a good netiquette practice to follow. By writing the email addresses in the BCC field we conceal our friends email addresses.

Special care should also be taken when forwarding email chain letters.   By deleting those email addresses in the email we will prevent spammers from stealing other people’s emails.

There are many emails being forwarded every minute of the day entitled, for instance, “Help a girl with cancer”, and the like.  Most of these messages are completely untrue. The purpose of these mails is to steal the email addresses of those users to which the message has been forwarded to.  What’s worse, they can have some sort of virus in one of the files attached to the message.  By clicking on that file, like a picture, the virus will infect the computer.

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