Hotmail, the unique place where you have all your mail`s accounts

Now to have all your email`s accounts in only one place is easier than ever.
Imagine you are in the office and you need to use your personal email, or that you are at home enjoying of your family and you need to open the company`s mail, but you have to let open your personal email because you are chatting from the web messenger.

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How complete it is!!!, but nowadays`s life is like this, we can be in the msn, in skype, chatting, uploading photos and sharing everything at the same time.

To make us our day lightly, hotmail help us to save time, for that reason it developed a technology that allows us to see and access to many mail accounts being they from gmail or from Yahoo without the need of loging out our hotmail`s mail.

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Windows Live Messenger for Nokia 5800

Micorsoft has had the Windows Live Messenger application for Symbian S60 5th edition for quite some time now.  But the download of this app is unavailable in some countries.

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If you have a Nokia 5800 or any other mobile phone with Symbian S60, here’s a link to download and install the app on your mobile phone for free.

First: download the application from here: Download Windows Live Messenger for Nokia 5800

Second: extract the file and copy the one named “Windows_Live_Messenger.sisx” on the expand card on your cell phone.

Last: go to “File Manager” on your mobile phone, find the  “Windows_Live_Messenger.sisx” file and run it. Once you are informed it is ready click on “OK”.

Windows Live Messenger will be ready to be used in just a few seconds.

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End with the junk mail in your inbox

How difficult is to have our inbox ordered!, now with`s help, your inbox will looks much more organized, free and with an interface much easily to use.

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What makes possible this is the incorporation of:

SmartScreen that allows to maintain the spam in the border line and delete and mark suspicious mails.
To see and filter messages in a fast way.
A function of sweeping for the spam. Read More

TBot Translator, the friend robot in the Messenger

Tbot is a friend robot online that will always be next to you. Really it is like a character made by Microsoft to help you with translations in real time.

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As for example to add Tbot to the Messenger and it automatically translates you what you wrote in whatever languaje.

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Tutorial that shows how to configure Hotmail with Exchange ActiveSync in iPhone

Lets see the configuration of Hotmail with Exchange ActiveSync


1. Press over Configuration
2. In configuration, do a click on `Mail, Contacts, Calendar´ if your system is in spanish it will say “Mail, Contactos, Calendario”
3. Touch on the page Accounts
4. Touch when it says `Add account´
5. Here you will enter your Hotmail`s email address.
6. You will enter your password
7. Command will be left in blank
8. In description you can write, Hotmail, My Hotmail, My Mail
9. In the server name you should write:
10. If you did everything correctly you will see how the data start to synchronize.
11. Touch on the button Save.

See the video:

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This tutorial video is property of Microsoft Windows Live UK

How to Find Out Someone’s IP on MSN

Today we are going to explain how to find out someone’s IP on MSN –something everybody wants to know. This blog post does not aim at tutoring on what else can be done with this information.

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