All Messenger protocols

All browsers have protocols that if we enter into a website link, it can interact with a program. That is called Protocol Hander, and one of the most famous is the protocol that allows you send an email, that is, the mailto:

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Another common example is the http:  It say that the document will link to a website.

One characteristic is that in the end have (two points):

So now we look Windows Live Messenger have her own Protocol handers, which allow to interact with it, and his characteristic is that all begin with msnim.

* Msnim: add? Contact = is a hander protocol that create a link which when you clicked adds a contact to Messenger.

* Msnim: chat? Contact = when you do click you open a chat window to chat with the person assigned in the mail.

* Msnim: voice? Contact = allow create a link to start a voice conversation with other WLM user.

* Msnim: video? Contact = create a link when you click in it Start a video call with the contact indicated.

Set the view the list of the Messenger contact

The new Windows Live Messenger has different views to “see” users (forgive the redundancy). They are the “View Complete or Full”, and “the view compact or classic.”

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Complete or Full View – Special for those who use social networks

In this view you will be in contact with users of social networks with a “social board.” And here an example image (MSN has news, social games and games like as Xbox LIVE)

Compact view- Special for users of classic Windows Live Messenger

For the people who don’t like the social networks, and want to talk to your contacts from the IM service, as look in the image that we all know.

The compact view can be extended to a scale of two columns

Also Messenger has become more intelligent, now remember your tastes, sites, etc. And you can set the start of the window, when you want to organize this sector appear different reports. (This makes it 100% flexible)

How to Fix an error when Messenger contacts are disconnected or not look them

If you have the latest version of Windows Live Messenger instant messenger 2011 beta you’ve probably has a few problems, for example not seeing your contacts when they are online or don´t see you when they are online.

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If you want to solve the problem of the last version of WLM 11, you must do this:

As I know if I have the problem?:

* When connected contacts appear as Offline, and vice versa.
* Your contact not receive that you write and vice versa.

Solution for the problem in Windows 7

1. Close Windows Live Messenger
2. Go to Start> Computer and after that go to the following path C: / Users / tu_usuario_de_windows / AppData / Local / Microsoft
3. Remove Contacts or Contacts folder.
4. Restart the computer.
5. Open Windows Live Messenger again.

Important: If you can not see any of the directories listed above is because they lay hidden. If you want to see them have to:

1. Go to Start> Run, type explorer and then click on OK.
2. Under Tools, click on Organize and folder and then search options in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
3. In the View tab in the Advanced settings list, select Show hidden files and folders.
4. Now simply uncheck the option in hide system files.
5. Now give click on OK.

If you do not work, please say me your problem in the comments.